Ability to rename a line item without breaking the import mapping


Description of the enhancement:

If a line item which is used as the source of an import is renamed, its mapping is removed and the action must be re-mapped.


  To re-create:

* Setup an import from "LineItemA" in ModuleOne to LineItemB in ModuleTwo. The line items will need manually mapping since they have different names.
* Rename "LineItemA" to "LineItemZ" and re-run the action.
* Completion dialog will show the import completed successfully but with nothing shown as updated.
* Edit the action and it shows LineItemA mapped to LineItemB, but LineItemZ is not mapped, even though LineItemZ and LineItemA are the same line item.


How will this enhancement improve your processes:

The line items have to be manually mapped, adding a significant amount of time to the process. 


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