Rephrase action delete dialog so it is clear what is begin deleted from the model


A description of the enhancement requested:

The customer would like the "Confirm Delete" message for deleting Actions in a model rephrased to not sound like they will be deleting all data within their model.


An example of the enhancement:

After selecting the Actions you wish to delete, the "Confirm Delete" message will appear on screen warning you that "Deleting these actions will also delete any published objects in Dashboards from that action."
(Currently it says "All data associated with this item will be deleted from the current model.")


How would it help their business process:

When deleting actions, the current dialogue used in the "Confirm Delete" message box is vague and intimidates the customer. It can be misinterpreted to mean that deleting the actions will also delete data from the model. Making a change to the phrasing of the message will prevent the customer from having to contact Support.

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