Ability to open a module etc by double-clicking

Description of the enhancement required:

I believe a great deal of your clients are Microsoft users and are familiar with their basics. E.g. to open views I would expect to double click on a List, Module or Dashboard name.
However this action leads in Anaplan to edit the name of the List, Module or Dashboard. As a Microsoft user I would use right mouse click to open a dropdown list and select "Edit" to change the name.


An example of the enhancement:
Using double click makes (to me) more sense because double click is faster than selecting a list, module or dashboard and then clicking on a separate button for opening the view. And due to the fact that the action of opening a view is used more often than adjusting names, I would prefer the fastest option for the most common action. So for adjusting names I don't mind making an extra click.


How would it help their business process:
I think that such adjustments would improve the users acceptance for Anaplan.

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