Provide 'Undo' functionality throughout product. Could consider only allowing one two 'moves' backward. Could also consider limiting to data changes if needed.

Impact / Benefit:
This would greatly help our user experience in quickly reverting a change we make.

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  • Great news! This functionality has been delivered in our June 16, 2018 release.

    Please find more information on the feature in Anapedia here: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Modeling/Working_with_Data/Undo%20Data%20Entry.htm

  • Hi,


    This says delivered, but the functionality of the Undo button is more limited than any other software I have ever used. If I put a new formula in over another formula I should be able to undo and revert to the old formula. If I change the formatting of a line item I should be able to undo this. The History section of Anaplan is okay for restoring to an old version but is antiquated and not a substitute for being able to undo any action throughout the browser version of Anaplan. In Excel, I can click undo for 99% of all actions within Excel. Anaplan is more like 1%. Please add more comprehensive capabilities to the Undo button throughout the browser version of anaplan.


    If I am troubleshooting formulas in Anaplan I constantly have to cut and paste formulas, line items, and whole modules to Excel or a text file in case I need to be able to easily revert back and copy and paste those formulas back into Anaplan. The History Restore feature is cumbersome and not applicable for most users because other people are in the model at the same time and I cannot be undoing their work as well.



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