Pivoting with more than 3 rows

Description of the enhancement required:

Need to be able to pivot more than 3 rows


How would it help their business process:
Reporting many cases of views needed with multiple dimensions with more than 3 lists in rows.

Most recent case
1) A module with many dimensions
2) Need to be imported to a flat list
3) Filtering before import needed
4) Impossible to do with all the dimensions, as not all the dimensions are in lines.
5) Column filtering does not work well

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  • Hi,


    Is there any update on the expected release of this functionality? 




  • hi @AnaplanIdeas 


    Any update on this? It would help us also greatly to have more than 4 lists in rows. In my case, I made a matrix to select cost centers, accounts & subaccounts by entity -> i cant filter to the combinations that are valid.


    We would use this in our cost center planning model to enable user to select which cost centers, accounts & subaccounts combination they want to see, otherwise showing all combination would be just too much. 




  • Encountering this limitation as well when attempting to create filtered views to facilitate model to model data transfer.  Have found work arounds using multiple saved views but would be ideal if we could natively include at least 4 dimensions within the rows. 

  • Is there any update on this future? 

  • This is a fundamental feature that is needed in the platform. We very often move data from a multi-dimensional module in a spoke model to a flat module in a data Hub. Source modules in this context often have 4-6 dimensions that all require filtering to get an efficient export time. But because of this limitation, we can't achieve it. As @Tiffany.Rice points out, you can create many views BUT this only works in limited context. I would argue there isn't a reasonable workaround for this lacking feature with large multi-dimensional requirements.

  • Hi all, I have a solve for this - please DM me.

  • Agreed this is needed. Particularly for basis of importing— workarounds exist but are cumbersome and shouldn't be necessary.

  • Hi All!

    There is a workaround for this, which I do NOT recommend to use regularly, but sometimes it is the only way.

    You have to put 4th dimension to the right bottom corner of the existing one in rows.

    Like on this picture.

    It doesn't work in newUX, but you can create saved view and publish it.

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