Filter option should select highest parent hierarchy as default


Description of the enhancement required:

When there is a filter (dropdown) in a dashboard, customer wants the biggest parent as the default selected item.
For example, "Total region" is always selected at opening.


How would it help their business process:
They use filters in all of their dashboards, and as admin or user, they always have to change manually all the filters to see the main indicators. They have many questions from the users and sometimes mistakes made because of this.

There is a possible workaround, however it only works until the model is closed. Once it is reopened again it doesn't show the highest parent as defualt. 
''Choose the parent you want to appear as default (eg ''Total region'') Click ''refresh''  and close the dashboard. When you open it again the total company will be default, in your case it should be ''total region''. ''

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