"Show Hidden Content" negates restricting access to Roles



If you are not a WSA and certain views have been hidden from you in the "Contents" tab, you can show them using "Show Hidden Contents". This was always possible but wasn't as explicitly available as it is now. Users can edit these 'hidden' modules, probably because they have Write access, but this is not what we want.

We are requesting either to revert this feature to its previous state (in 2015.3), present the "Show Hidden Contents" only to WSAs, or to provide a workaround so users can't access hidden modules directly.


  • If the users select "Show Hidden Content" checkbox, it displays all the available dashboards, modules, views in the model.
  • We have 100's of modules & related views & this will create confusion & unpleasant user experience to our end users
  • Also, the users are able to Add/Delete data directly from these modules/lists. I believe this possible even on the older UI, but it was very difficult to get into. But now with the new UI enhancements, it will be very easy for end users to get to this screen.
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