Request for keyboard navigation and selection in TreeView of List Settings



With the mouse, I am able to select multiple tree nodes and drag-n-drop them to a new location. This is great.

I would like to be able to make the tree selection using keyboard and close with the drag-n-drop, or a Copy-Paste operation to complete this action.

Example of enhancement:

Steps would be:
1. Focus the TreeView by clicking a tree node, if one is not already selected.
2. Use the Up/Down and Right/Left arrow keys to navigate the tree and find the first tree node to select.
3. Hold Shift and press Arrow Up or Down to add sibling tree nodes to the selection.
4a. Finally, use the mouse to drag the selected nodes to the desired location.
4b. Press "Cut" key sequence to place on clipboard.
5. Navigate the tree with the Arrows to find the destination.
6. Press "Paste" key sequence to Move the items to the new location.

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