Copy/Paste not working for computers set to different number formats. Requires "locale."



When copying a cell in Anaplan, the underlying value gets copied (ignoring the 'Decimal Point:' format set for the line item), and the browser's locale is used to set the decimal separator. This is flawed for companies with users in various parts of the world.

eg, Anyone with French browser locale (which uses ',' as the separator) cannot copy a value from a cell which has a '.' as the decimal separator and paste it into a line item using '.' as a decimal separator.

A feature is needed to allow a selection of locale, or to copy number with the decimal separator as that set in 'Decimal Point:'.

The workaround of changing browser settings is not always possible due to the amount of other things it changes.
Business impact: 
This is a hot topic. One of the customers requiring this is an international company and is using US-EN as format for their numbers in Anaplan; however, their French users have their O.S. language settings and browser locale in French and therefore the copy/paste is not working when they copy a number from a cell in Anaplan into another one or copy/paste into Excel and vice versa.

Changing their browser locale and O.S settings would be too much disruption for their users and could make them receptive to Anaplan.

Example of enhancement:
We want an urgent solution for this problem and make two suggestions:

- When copy/pasting the number should maintain the format of the original number - basically remove the formatting that is added by the browser locale.
- Create a new option for numbers where the format could be 'browser locale' this would be their preferred choice as when making Government applications only French format will be considered and therefore they cannot use Anaplan for that at the moment.


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