Copy model from point in history


Take a copy of the model from a point in history, based on the model History ID.


This would allow investigation and audit of production models without affecting the source model. But there could be concern about this affecting storage, if people begin to create more copies.

Example of enhancement:
I need to be able to enter the ID I want to restore to.
I need to be able to specify whether I want to archive the copy.
I need to be able to name the copy.
I need the specified copy to happen without affecting the source model.

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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • This requirement could potentially be met by upcoming feature to create a model from a revision tag. Please note that this would be the structure of the model only, it would not include data.

  • are there any changes or future roadmap in this to create a new model from restore id shown in history, this would immensely help at the time of audit and data validation 

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