Ability to collapse/group module views



Currently Views when they are setup are listed under a module. It would be useful if there was a way to hide views, only show relevant views to users (i.e. they MUST be able to decide what they want to see not an ADMIN), or at the very least a way to collapse/group the views.


Currently one of the key issues with Anaplan for the user is that they are limited on their involvement with the tool. It requires an Admin to setup, delete, update views. A user should be able to do this if you want us to engage with the tool. Currently we just download to Excel as there the user can get what they want and Anaplan becomes ignored. Also in terms of clutter and look on the screen. Having to page down through 100s of views to get to the main module or the next section is not what the user wants. They don't want to see stuff that isn't relevant to them and they should be able to choose what they see. To make the tool more user friendly allow the user to have some interaction outside of viewing and then exporting large data dumps... oh and get rid of timeouts too! 🙂

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