Collapsible sections within Dashboards



Collapsible sections within Dashboards

Example of enhancement:

Currently, we are not able to collapse and expand sections within dashboards. Requesting development team to explore options of extending the dashboard functionality to define separate SECTIONS and COLLAPSE or EXPAND them based on need. Collapse/expand at object level may not be intuitive. Better if we can divide dashboard into multiple SECTIONS and then expand/collapse those sections.


There are many instances when we don't need to see all objects within a dashboard. There are times when we need to COLLAPSE certain objects and EXPAND them when need arises. Say for example, we create a dashboard with two tables and two charts. A set of table & chart belongs to Headcount module. Another set of table & chart belongs to Expenses module. Some executives are more interested in Headcount data and occasionally look at expenses numbers. So for them, expenses numbers can be collapsed and expanded when required.

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