Ability to resize columns and multi-line header row for the Grid View



Resizing of columns and multi-line header row for the Grid View

Example of enhancement:
Resizing + multi-line, wrapped header to allow narrower columns and, at the same time, seeing untrimmed, whole names of columns.
Code column could be smaller.
Wrap header to enable longer name without undue space.

Real-life, nontrivial lists tend to have a number of sub-lists and properties with relatively long names (to describe intuitively what the sub-list or property is for). With the fixed columns width and a single header row, the Grid-View does not allow you to see the whole picture on the screen without scrolling long distances back and forth and, at the same time, whole names of columns cannot be seen neither as the names are usually trimmed. This makes working with nontrivial lists very user unfriendly and even frustrating at times.
A solution would be very easy; columns for sub-lists contain check-boxes only and thus could be significantly narrower if a multi-line header allowed seeing the whole names of columns. That way, one could see many more columns on a screen and whole names at the same time. Code column could usually be much narrower as well.

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