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When Grids on a dashboard show the same module, or maybe even the same list, there should be an option for setting these grids to be fully synchronised which would allow a user the option to scroll on one of the grids and all fully synchronised selected grids will also scroll.

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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Hi,


    Has there been an update to this?

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Also for New UX / UI!!!

  • @wquan@EarlC@Miran 


    I also like the idea of having this sort of control, but I'd want to be sure that the end user has the ability to clearly/easily toggle the syncing. 


    Implementation solely with respect to time would be a significant value add, but I could also see wanting to sync to almost any other high-cardinality line item or row ID in the right application.

  • Hello,


    Is there any update regarding this feature?



  • Looking for update on this status.

  • Providing an update here.

    We have done a lot of investigation on this topic in the past, we collected examples layouts and discussed at length with customers, and then investigated within Anaplan R&D to find a solution that accommodates all the different capabilities that would be needed - e.g. Scrolling vertically, Scrolling horizontally, Filtering, Sorting, Find etc etc. The estimated work was LARGE, and not something we were able to prioritise at the time.


    Since then we have launched our new UX, and it is the new standard for building experiences on Anaplan for Planning and Analysis.

    There are many other requests on the backlog to continue to enhance/improve the experience, I'm tagging this as "Your support needed". If we see more votes on this it will help get this reviewed and pulled in the Roadmap sooner.


    Thanks, Simon

    -Anaplan Product Team

  • @AnaplanIdeas Any status or update on this feature? There are quite a few dashboarding use cases where this could be extremely handy. 

  • I came here to suggest the same idea. In my case, I have 2 modules in the NUX side by side. Both have the time dimension across columns and would be nice to be able to link the scroll bars for these 2 modules, so when I scroll to the right on either of the modules, the other will follow:


    In other words, would be great to be able to avoid this scenario: the time dimension gets disconnected - showing different months on each module - 



    I believe that  original @w_smythe 's e request is the same, but using a the same list across rows in two modules, so they remain aligned when scrolling vertically instead of horizontally as is my example.



  • You have my vote.  This would be a really helpful enhancement.


  • Yes please - this will help in two scenarios:

    1. This will allow us to display for example a lists code in the first column, and then time in the remaining columns without using the awkward show/hide functionality that doesn't work when the time ranges move forward:whitby_0-1643896248521.png


    2. Where we have two inputs that should be linked e.g. the first input says the type of an adjustment and the second the amount by month.
  • I see it is actually linked to this request which is on the roadmap: Scroll on multiple grids at the time - Anaplan Community

  • These ideas have been merged together. We are currently exploring adding an end user option in the UX to enable users to link two grids to scroll in sync. We will share more updates here as we progress.

  • sprender

    A new setting to enable synchronise scrolling on grids in the UX has just been released. There are more details in the release note here:


  • jtkerlin

    Fantastic news, thank you for the link and heads up on this.

  • Already using this functionality, looks great! thanks

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