Grid & chart menus - Easier way to access grid functionality like search, filter, sort, pivot



Currently grid functionality is hidden away behind the infamous blue dot icon and users don't know where to find key features like search, maximise and filter. Make these more easily accessible.

Feedback from several users discussing benefit/impact:

  • It's difficult to know if a filter is applied to a chart table if I can't see it right in front of me. In Excel I can click and easily tell which items are are selected for filtering. It's a challenge but it's also dangerous; if I forget that I have a filter on, I make incorrect assumptions about the data, which could lead to wrong decisions.
  • If someone changes the filter, it changes for everyone, so if we ask people to only enter the Q3 forecast but another person chooses to also do Q4, everyone sees Q4 when they try to input data.
  • I know the data is there and can't remember which tile to find it in or how to pivot to find a view that I liked before - I can't remember where or in which table I can find it
  • Sorting is a big pain - we don't sort alist of ~800K items because of this. We need a better solution to drill down into one



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