Auto size columns




As a model builder, I'd like to be able to auto-size my columns

Example of enhancement:

Auto resize option in column settings

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  • Trying to figure out the precise column width is exhausting and a waste of time. An auto size feature would time and improve the user experience of our solution.

  • A few questions here:


    1. Do you want auto size based on a) the data in the cells, or b) the amount of space that is available on the page so it fills all available space
    2. If you have a very large grid with lots of rows would you be comfortable paying the performance penalty while we read all the data in all the rows - or could we use the top 50 rows of data as a representative data sample?
    3. Should we autosize all columns? Or better to give the end user the ability to select columns that should be autosize (Like excels double click gesture)
    4. What should the default setting be? a) To autosize all columns by default, or b) a standard width is the default and page builder switches this setting on?

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