Global search/navigation - I want an easy way to find objects and data points as admin/end user



Implement a global search across all modules/line items in the model. Please consider including the following:

  • In other software, there is a smart search feature when looking for a class, where I can type a couple of letters in upper case and it will match on words that begin with those letters. So the equivalent in an Anaplan model would be when searching for 'Total Measures : Calendar Week', I could type "TMCW" and it would find a match with minimal typing, and without me having to remember what punctuation marks had been put in, where the spaces were, which words might have been abbreviated, etc.

Benefit/impact: (feedback from different users)

  • If I search it only searches the list, not everything. I want it to search across the whole dashboard. It also forgets what my last search was. I have to retype the word again.
  • I need global search in a dashboard - e.g., looking up an employee and seeing all information to him, or an account
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