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Currently when you publish a graph to a dashboard based off a filter, as the filter updates the graph will update only showing time periods within the original publication. Enhancement: Have graph show all time periods of current filter, regardless if they were in the original publication.

Example of enhancement:
It is January 2018 and I create a filter that tags January, February, and March 2018, based on current period +3. In February, currently Anaplan would show just February and March. It successfully drops January off, but will not show April even though it's included in the filter, because April wasn't in the original publication. Enhancement would show April.

There is a workaround right now to first have the filter say true for all time periods, publish the graph, then update the filter. This workaround does not work year over year though - i.e., when 2019 months get added to the model, all graphs off filters need to be republished.

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  • Thanks for sharing. This will not be a problem in the New UX - it's in Beta and is coming soon  👍🏻

    Unfortunately, due to the level of effort, we are not looking to change this behaviour in the current dashboards.


    Cheers, Simon

    Director, Product Mgmt, Anaplan

  • The thing that can help here is to use "Dummy" Filter at first to organize view for graph.


    Here I mean to set the view, based on the filter, that will allow all items to appear on graph. For example, set formula to "TRUE". Then just publish the graph, save it and adjust the original "dummy" filter to follow correct logic. Initially graph will take all items, but once filter adjusted, view will be updated as well.


    Thus it is possible to create "dynamic" charts and graphs. Also work with line items if line item filter (based on LI subset) is set.


    Hope this helps.



    Andrey Polyanskiy

  • This would be a big improvement for Timeline charts in particular, which only show weeks/months in the original publication but do not update based on filters.

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