Need help in Formula


Hi, guys!


I'm doing a logical formula in my module that says if a Unit (Line Item) is classified as Current (List: Sales Type) then it will perform a certain calculation otherwise if it is Non Current (List: Sales Type) then it will display zero. Can you please recommend me a formula for this?


Note: I have uploaded the data directly to the same module where I am doing the formula.


Thanks for the help!





  • Hello,


    Sounds like you will be doing some type of lookup to determine Current/Non-Current based on the value in the Unit Line Item.


    I don't have the full facts, but it could be that Current/Non-Current is an attribute of Unit... and so you might do the following as either part of the overall formula, or in a separate line item:


    UnitList.SalesType[Lookup: UnitLineItem]    ...where UnitList is the list that the Unit line Item is formatted to


    If this doesn't help, post a little more detail.