Collect Function doesn't work


Hi, guys!


Collect function doesn't seem to work on the model that I am currently building. I have created line item subset using one of the modules I have created. I used this line item subset in my current module which has the same dimensions as with the source module where the subset comes from.


I can't figure out why is this happening. 


Appreciate any help! Thank you!



Best Answer

  • sean_culligan



    Are you using the line item subset as a dimension of your target module; the module in which you have the collect function? Looking at your description this seems to be the case.


    The second check, is are you using more than one line-item sub-set in the target module, from experience I think you can only have one line item sub-set in a model.


    Finally check that your dimensions are okay, particularly time and versions. 


    Hope this helps.



  • Hi,


    your data line item is in a subsidiary view. Would be easier to have the same as the module for troubleshooting.

  • Hi, Sean!


    Thanks for the help! I figured out that I did not set my Versions correctly, hence no values were shown. Again, thanks for the help!



  • My please. Good that you figured it out, as a general note, if you can't see any results in a target module Time or Versions are the first place to check.