Collect Function doesn't work


Hi, guys!


Collect function doesn't seem to work on the model that I am currently building. I have created line item subset using one of the modules I have created. I used this line item subset in my current module which has the same dimensions as with the source module where the subset comes from.


I can't figure out why is this happening. 


Appreciate any help! Thank you!



  • Hello,


    Can you pls share a blueprint view of the (Line Item Subset) source module, as well as the Variance Analysis Trial module?





  • Hi,


    Please can you double check that the Data line item in the Variance Analysis Trial module is actually dimensioned by the Line Item Subset which you have created.


    The screenshot appears to show a subsidiary view against the Data Line item which indicates that it has a different setting in the Applies To field than the overall Variance Analysis Trial module.


    I'm wondering if the module itself has been dimensioned by the Line item Subset but then accidentally the Data line item has not been which would explain why COLLECT() is not working currently.