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  • There are some tools that exist that work pretty well, but aren't automatically updated (need to maintain formulas, etc), but I agree this would a massive value add for model builders.


    Considering Anaplan is formulated in English to an extent, having a similar approach to Python syntax and linting would be the best, in my opinion. Use tabs for nested functions, highlighting, and checking for completed parenthesis, etc.

  • Can I just re-iterate that this plug-in is not officially supported

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • +1 for Python-style syntax.

  • There is a Chrome add-in called "A+ for Anaplan (Model Builder Edition)" that has worked for me pretty well over the past couple months in accomplishing some of these request. I would check it out. It does nested If/then statements; color codes items; and allows you to search for line items and names when typing out a formula. One thing to note: It only works when your formula bar is locked to the left side of the screen.

    I hesitate to share because as it is maintained by a 3rd party and not Anaplan, I don't want this removed from the roadmap as the 3rd party could stop supporting the add-in whenever they feel like it. 

  • Vlad

    As for Chrome extensions we cannot use them unless they are maintained by Anaplan company or another secure developer, as we found out they have access to models meta-data. So please keep built-in highlighting on the roadmap.

  • Igor

    +1, such functionality would remove a lot of pain and improve efficiency

    Dear @Rebecca , status of this idea was changed to "Considered for Future Roadmap" a year ago - is there any progress on a topic?

  • AndreyT

    +1 to: such functionality would remove a lot of pain and improve efficiency

    Cool features are always welcome especially when they are saving time.

  • I too use the A+ for Anaplan (Model Builder Edition) extension for Chrome. I have found it to be incredibly helpful for long and complex formulas (especially for IF statements). I have also found it valuable particularly useful when teaching new Anaplan users the syntax used within Anaplan.


    The extension is useful, but would be great to have this included natively for a more seamless experience specifically around highlighting which variable of the function you should be entering as you go.

  • As I remember the Chrome extention was not approved by Anaplan company. Once we found the extention too, but discovered it can send the meta data of the models somewhere. So it is not secure and not a valid workaround.

  • This would be a fantastic update to the platform. In the meantime, there are chrome add-ons you can leverage like A+ for Anaplan and Anaplan Formula Helper. They can be a little wonky at first, but once you get the hang of them it makes auditing long complex formulas much more manageable. 

  • ChrisM

    The New Modeling Experience launched recently includes our first iteration of syntax highlighting. We hope to be able to add auto-indentation capabilities in a future version. 

  • FYI I've created a chrome extension that adds this and many other features. I've got a post about it here:

  • This is now available in the New Modeling Experience

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