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As a Model Builder, I would like to be able to stop the mistake research by using an action button. This processing can be very long when we are building an heavy model (5-10 minutes) and most of the time we already know where is the mistake (format, etc.). That's why we can save a lot of time if we could click to stop the processing to ignore the last modification.

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We recently released our dynamic syntax checking which alerts builders to syntax issues within a formula before they can apply the changes. We are looking to tackle next the same but with format mismatches.


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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • This would be a major improvement for Anaplan. The software is smart enough to recognize there is an error in a formula or formatting (hence the display of the processing box/blue toaster in the first place). Adding in logic that simply stops the process from running in the first place (or gives the user that option) would be awesome. Even in smaller models, we constantly run into errors of 5-10+ minutes for very small mistakes. This adds a huge amount of inefficiency during model builds, especially when multiple users are in the model at the same time potentially making errors that stop everyone else from working.

  • To expand on my previous comment, this error box (blue toaster) only appears when there is an error in a formula/format/naming convention. If Anaplan is smart enough to recognize an error and trigger the display of this box, then why can it not just stop at that point and save us the 5-10 minutes of backing out an error?

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  • This really needs to get fixed in Anaplan.  It can be such a time-**** in large models.

  • If we could rank our votes, this would be my #1 upvote to be evaluated.


    We call it the "penalty box" on my team. 


    To be honest, I like knowing that Anaplan is hardened enough to prevent you from making mistakes.


    When there's more than one person in the model we all kind of expect there will be some delays and this is the price for keeping Anaplan bug free.

    Even after 3 years of modeling, I still sometimes forget to change the formatting before I enter a formula.

    I have to Slack the whole team saying "sorry".


    Would be great if this can be improved but certainly not at the expense of losing any internal accuracy or referential integrity.

  • Albeit, this was submitted a year ago, but this similar Idea Exchange post is on the roadmap. Hopefully it gets implemented soon!

  • Thanks @DavidEdwards 

    I gave that link an upvote too!

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Interesting history. The idea jumped from Under Investigation to Not Planned back to Under Investigation. One year later; Is there an update?

  • Still the most infuriating part of Anaplan.   I'd be happy if Anaplan dropped development on ALL other development items and just focused on fixing this. 

  • I agree with other comments that it's really frustrating! Especially when I spot the error half a second after clicking enter… Any updates on this would be really appreciated

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