Users list and Lookup


Hi Everyone,


I have two modules A and B.


The module A has one line item formated as a list "Users". Let's call it myUser.

The module B's dimensionnality is Users (only). It has one boolean lineitem called myBool.


I would like to retreive the value from B.myBool to A.


I wanted to use the formula in module

A.myBool = B.myBool[LOOKUP : myUser]


Anaplan failed with the following error message :

Invalid use of 'Users' list with function 'LOOKUP'


Do you have any workaround ?


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  • Damien,


    If you create a new list called "Fake Users" with a top level, you will be able to accomplish in the exact same way as you have stated below, if I am understanding you correctly.  Please see the attached.


    Please let me know if this helps.


  • rolympia

    As of today 5/6/2019, Anaplan does not allow you to transfer values of a line item with the dimensionality of Users to another of different dimensionality (say, Custom_Users), even with the use of a mapping (lookup) from Users to Custom_Users. The reverse is permissible: if the source is a line item of dimensionality Custom_Users, it can be brought into another with dimensionality Users using a mapping (lookup) from Custom_Users to Users. There's a distinction to be made, as sometimes, you do want the final working dimension to be a normal non-Users list (since that has a top level, etc.). In that case, the process would have been 1) input using Users-dimensioned line item, 2) transfer to Custom_Users, and 3) do calculations and reports using Custom_Users. Again, as of writing this is not permissible.


    I offer two workarounds:

    1) Run an import process that transfers data from the Users-dimensioned to the Custom_Users-dimensioned.

    2) Use Custom Users as the dimensionality, applying a filter with dimensionality Custom_UsersUsers (TRUE if Custom_Users Users). This ensures a User can only see his/her corresponding Custom_Users list element.


    I will be first to admit that neither are perfect, 1)'s disadvantage being dependence on a process to be run, and 2)'s disadvantage is requiring a Custom Users maintenance to Users, though this can be solved easily by using the same coding and doing a finditem. Let's hope some enhancement comes its way.

  • Hi @damien.bouquier and @rolympia ,


    I have some exciting news - we are looking to enable LOOKUP, SUM, TEXTLIST and a number of other functions to be used over the Users list in early Q2. 


    Keep an eye on the upcoming releases!


    Best Regards,


  • @dafinkapancheva Hi,


    Do we have any update on this ?




  • @tompatrick.ting 


    Things are still on track, look for something coming out towards the end of this month.  The Users list will not have a Top Level, but you will be able to lookups like @dafinkapancheva mentioned.



  • @damien.bouquier @tompatrick.ting 


    Please take a look at this...Also, @damien.bouquier take a look at the first example, it should look familiar.