Ability to set textbox style & size when adding it, and at a specific location


I would really like the ability to select what size and style of textbox I'm adding at the point when I'm adding it.  Currently when adding a textbox it is added at full page width, defaults to "Normal" style, and is added to the very top of the page.  Usually when I'm adding textboxes, it will usually end up being a small instructions box, somewhere not at the top, and is usually not the full dashboard width, which means having to repeatedly change style and size them = lots and lots of clicking. 


Ideally I'd have some options that unroll when I click "Add Text" in dashboard edit mode.  When I finish and actually add the text to the dashboard it should add directly above a dashboard feature I have selected so i don't have to scroll to the top and drag it all the way back down.  See the screenshot below for a visual mockup: 


Anaplan - Add Textbox Style.PNG

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