Enable item insertion when the dashboard item is selected whether or not the header has been selecte


If you publish a numbered list to a dashboard so that a User can insert items and then enter property values, it works fine as long as there is at least one item present. However, if you clear the numbered list then the option to insert an item is greyed out and I have found no way around that. Even if there is one or more items present the ability to insert a row is greyed out if you have selected the header row or the entire grid. That means you have to include a text box on the dashboard warning Users of this fact in order to avoid calls to support.

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  • When using ALM, when I have a production list that is also a numbered list, but where the parent is a non-production list, if I create an action button that is designed to add an entry to the child numbered list, Anaplan will not let me add to the child list if there are no existing entries under the non production parent list. Since the action button is directly related to the child and not the parent list, it should not matter whether there are existing entries under the parent or not.  Rather, Anaplan should allow the button to work as designed and to add an entry to the child list. The workaround is to add a dummy entry to the parent list, but that is not  possible if I do not know which parents have entries and which do not.  Either way, the action button should work as designed and add to the child production/numbered list regardless if there are entries under the non-production parent or not.

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