Allow the Create action to work with a numbered list that has no parent hierarchy


The Create action only works with numbered lists that have a parent hierarchy. My numbered list does not have or need a parent hierarchy so to satisfy this rule I have to create a dummy list (e.g. a List called All with a single member called All) and made that the Parent of my numbered list. (I also checked whether I could simply use a top level of All but got "A numbered list without a parent list cannot have summary items"). 

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  • Has this always been the case? I somehow created an action to add an item to a numbered list without a parent hierarchy. Now that option seems to no longer exist. Wondering if this is a glitch. See attached images that show I cannot select the Support - Line Items list, although I have an action that is somehow successfully adding list members to that list.Glitch SummaryGlitch Summary

  • Hi I think we have the same problem. A colleague showed that one action shows an error and we did not change anything. But it is a create list member action on a list without parent hierarchie so maybe this is our problem too.

    Did you get any support / answer on this topic @DavidEdwards 

  • @dalimeon Unfortunately I have not received any support other than the issue being escalated up to the Level 3 team. In your situation, did you have a Create action for a numbered list that does not have a parent list, and now that action still works correctly but shows an error if you edit the action?


    That is the issue I'm having, so if that's what you're seeing as well, then we're on the same page.


    @Rebecca Has there been any update on this case?

  • yes its a numbered list without a parent. somehow it could be created a while ago and wasnt used for a while. now that my colleague wanted to use it it says error. in addition to that, its not working in the DEV and prod model anymore but we made some copies ("test models") and there the actions still work.

    Really weird stuff going on.

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