Ability to add another row within text box and formatting of text


Currently to have multiple rows within a textbox, I have to draft the text in a thrid party application like MS Word then copy to Anaplan. it would be great if we could have the ability to add a row with hot keys like atl+enter and/or click a next line button. It would also be helpful if we could have options to update texts within a text box like bolding/underline.

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  • When adding a Text box on a dashboard, I use Ctrl+Alt+Enter to add another row of text, seems to work fine.  I have not figured out if there is a shortcut key to indent.  I would love to have some formatting/rich text options as well!

  • option + ctrl + enter on mac, FYI.


    Similar to start a new line in an excel cell (option + enter), it's tricky at the beginning but becomes muscle memory later on... although would appreciate this nice to have enhancement 

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