Improve sequence of list subsets in "Applies to" column of blueprint


IDEA: Sequence of dimentions in "Applies to" column of blueprint should be same to "New Module master"

Imagine you need to create a new module.

Just click "Insert module" button and select appropriate dimentions (lists/list subsets/line item subsets).

New module master has user friendly sequence of dimentions to select from: 

List 1

 - list 1 subset 1

 - list 1 subset 2

List 2

 - list 2 subset 1

 - list 2 subset 2

Line item subset 1

Line item subset 2


Imagine you need to reselect dimentions for one line item of your module , so you go to blueprint "Applies to" column and sequence of dimentions here is different from "new module master": All lists, All list subsets, All line item subsets.

It would be much more comfortable for admins to reselect line item dimentions in Applies to column in case dimentions sequence is same to new module master. 

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