Community Says: Overheard at AMA


Each edition of Community Says spotlights a recent comment shared by a member of the Anaplan Community that was particularly helpful or beneficial to the greater Community as a whole.

Today we're revisiting our recent Ask Me Anything session with partner and Master Anaplanner Chris Weiss. If you didn't participate or have a chance to read through Chris' responses yet, we highly recommend doing so. He offered so many insights on a variety of different topics that it was very difficult for us to pick just one quote!

Having said that, we finally settled on giving special mention to Chris' views on the benefits of being a Master Anaplanner:

"Once I identified a passion for working with Anaplan and aligning my career on this path, it was challenging at first to get the support I needed to not get pulled in other directions. Becoming a Master Anaplanner really helped to align my company’s priorities for how I spend my time with my personal desired career path."


The Master Anaplanner program is our certification for top model builders who wish to advance their careers and continue to build their brand within the Connected Planning industry. Now is a great time to learn more about it and plan to get involved. As Chris says:

"The real value I’ve gotten from it is being around some of the smartest people and being involved in the high-level leadership and decision-making that somebody at my level usually wouldn't be involved in. So I’ve been able to learn a ton about being part of building a business that I otherwise wouldn’t have had access to, which has really helped me grow as a professional."

The value isn't just to the individual but also what they can bring to their employer and customers.

"I truly believe in the power of this business-owned platform, so what better way to have expertise in house than to have some Master Anaplanners around!"

To learn more about the program and how you can participate, head over to our Master Anaplanners FAQ page in the Community, or reach out to and request to be notified of upcoming program enhancements and other announcements.

Mark your calendar for the week of October 10 for our next Ask Me Anything session. We'll be talking to Anaplan's Chief Architect, Duncan Pearson. Get your questions ready!