Enhanced Hotkey support across Anaplan


Some users prefer mouse, while others prefer hotkeys, and some like a mix somewhere between.  

Curently Anaplan feels 95% built around mouse-users, while keyboard users have a very low number of hotkeys to fall back on.


Anaplan users would get a lot benefit if the platform considered hotkey use cases to be equally as important as using a mouse.  I would like to see hotkeys added around many of the common workflows an end-user and a model-building user commonly encounter.  Here are some early suggestions off the top of my head (NOTE: I'm sure some of these overlap with other assignments, this is just more for conveying the idea)


General Use:

  1. ENTER should

    * Work the same as clicking OK in open dialogs

    * Open the currently selected Module / List

  2. ESC should cancel an open dialog (if applicable)
  3. TAB / SHIFT + TAB should work for navigating to the OK button in dialogs
  4. Down Arrow should start flipping through items in an active dropdown box 
  5. CTRL + W should close the active tab
  6. CTRL + SHIFT + W should close ALL open tabs
  7. CTRL + ALT + W should close ALL open tabs except the currently active one
  8. CTRL + SHIFT + T should reopen the last close tab
  9. CTRL + <  / CTRL + > should navigate to the previous  / next tab
  10. F1 should open Anapedia
  11. F2 should open a line item's formula in edit mode ,
  12. F3 should open / close the "master view" menu on dashboards
  13. F4 should open Settings tab (for Admin)
  14. F5 should refresh the dashboard / list view  (anywhere there's a refresh button honestly)
  15. F6 should open / close the contents pane

Model Building (Modules & Dashboards):


  1. CTRL + H should hide selected line items from view in a published module
  2. CTRL + SHIFT + E should open edit view on the current dashboard / again should save & close
  3. CTRL + O should open a selected Module / Dashboard in a new tab
  4. DELETE should delete the selected Dashboard item (text box, module etc) when in edit view, 
  5. CTRL + T should add a new textbox item to a dashboard
  6. CTRL + PLUS should act as the insert function to insert a new...d

    * line item in a module

    * Module

    * Dashboard

    * Action

    * Etc (anywhere there's an insert button)

  7. CTRL + MINUS should open the deletion dialog of the same items listed in 6. above


I'll add more to the list as they come to me...But hopefully this conveys the idea.


Also, I would love to hear other people's hotkey ideas, there's got to be loads that would make it easier to build and work in Anaplan using a keyboard

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  • Are there any updates on the availability of hotkeys, in the classic interface or NUX?  Most people familiar with Excel leverage hotkeys and this would be very helpful for the usability of Anaplan across any use case but definitely for finance users.  In addition to this, hotkeys will help Anaplan comply with various ADA accessibility requirements that some companies have and help users that have disabilities leverage Anaplan.    

  • Have there been any updates to keyboard shortcuts? Our company is currently doing a demo of Anaplan, and the lack of hotkeys might be a dealbreaker for us because Anaplan's current platform seems designed to *maximize* clicks, which is aggravating and the opposite of best practices in software development. Our model builders are not interested in using the current interface.

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