Header & Footer zones on dashboards that don't scroll


In our model, we use navigation action buttons to help a user see "where they are" in a workflow with respect to other similar pages. Usually this amounts to ~4-5 buttons near the top of the dashboard in an order logical to the workflow, which are in the same order across all of the workflow's pages.  


Unforunately when a user scrolls through the page it means the navigation buttons scroll up and out of sight.  Ideally I would like to be able to create a short header area (like a frozen pane in Excel) within which I can put text, or navigation buttons etc. so that they remain visible no matter where the user scrolls on the page.  A footer area of this same nature would also be helpful too.

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  • Hi David,


    Have you seen the new Workflow capability that we are working on, it is launching soon and should be very useful when you have multiple pages that need to be worked through in sequence when planning.




    Anaplan Product Team



  • Hi Simon,

    I actually haven't seen it, where do I go to get a preview of things your team is working on?  


    Also, we do have quite a few pages that a user is intended to go through in a specific order, so it sounds like workflow will work great for those. 


    However, we also have pages that are setup in a group that share a common theme & navigation.  These pages may be approached in different orders depending on time of year.  Having a "frozen" header/footer as described would help keep the navigation buttons to be visible to them anywhere on the page (without having to duplicate the navigation)

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  • In the New UX there are some changes, we are hoping we can solve this with our new layouts.

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