Auto refresh dashboard on Button changes


Button rename and button behavior change refresh by itself as we close / reopen the dashboard. No need to republish the button. Auto-refresh without having to close/reopen the dashboard is required.

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  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Having an option to enable auto-refresh after a button is clicked would eliminate some clutter (extra dedicated refresh buttons), or unnecessary clicking (dropping down the dashboard menu, clicking refresh) when a page needs to be refreshed (checkbox is checked, a filter is changed, etc.)


    That said, refreshing is common enough that it really should be set to a single button hotkey, like F5 or F9 .

  • We planning on changing how buttons work in the New User Experience so this will no longer be required

  • @Rebecca, is there an easy refresh key in the NUX? Not the button, but a keyboard shortcut? 


  • Hi @swoods93! The New UX has a "refresh" button included. This allows you to refresh each page as needed. 

  • @Rebecca, yes, but is there a keyboard shortcut? 

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