Ability to require user to confirm and/or enter specific text before action / process will run


I would like a way to help prevent accidental clicking of buttons that run important / irreversible actions (like a large deletion for instance).


Here are some ideas on how I think one might go about tackling this, when the user clicks a button with this prevention measure enabled:


* Show the user a warning message, where I can designate the text they read, and they have to acknowledge by clicking a second "OK" button.

* Allow me to disable a button unless a checkbox I point it to is checked.

* Give me the option to require the user type in some specific text (something like "DELETE"),

* Allow me to designate a certain amount of time the user must wait (maybe 5 seconds?) before they can click a second button to perform the action (think: "display some warning text, give them time to read it")


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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • We have determined a best practice for our team to follow when building dashboards is to only publish process buttons to dashboards so-as to avoid accidentally running actions since a window pops up showing what actions are included in the process that requires a user to click "Run". However, the ability to disable buttons based on spcific criteria (ie. a boolean selection, text entered into module published on dashboard, or requiring user to enter text into pop-up window) would be very useful. 

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