List Subset ID

Is it possible to see the EntityLongID of a list or list subset? I am trying to find out if a particular list subset is actually being used anywhere in a model. It’s not a dimension of any module, nor is it referred to in any formula. List formatted line items show the name of the list or list subset in the Format column of Settings … Modules … Line Items …  but this name does not show up in the search function, and nor does the ID. If I export the Line Items the resulting Grid file shows the LongID but not the name. I could manually map the 42 instances of 28 unique IDs from the export file to the source Line Items and deduce whether my list subset is present or not, but if I knew what the ID was I could easily search for it in the export file.  Mark.


Best Answer

  • Hi Mark,

    For what reason are you trying to find if a subset is actually being used? Housekeeping? Problems deleting it? etc

    I don't know of anywhere where the Backend EntityLongID is exposed to the user in the Frontend Client apart from when you List Format a Line Item, then copy/paste or export the blueprint it shows the number instead of the name.
    Looks like you'll need to take the Manual option you suggested.



  • Simon,

    Thanks for your reply. The point of finding the list subsets is mostly housekeeping, in an effort to reduce complexity and take out dead ends. It would also be useful when trying to understand somebody else's model, and when checking that certain model developments have been implemented across the whole model and that no modules have ben forgotten.