Control the position of a row in a grid based on a list with subsets


As a daily enduser, I need to be able to control the rank of insertion of a new row in a grid to be compliant with the needs of external stakeholders. I need to be able the choose exactly the rank/position where I want to insert the row when I click on an "insert" button instead of "at the end" by default.


This could be fullfilled by

1. Developping a functionality allowing to select the rank of insertion of a new row in a grid, i.e: I select the row before the rank were I want to insert the new one, and then click on an "insert" button

2. or developping a feature "insert row above/below selection"

3. and/or enhancing the "Move" functionality by limiting the "view" on the selected grid ("selected grid" = based on all filters applied to the grid, i.e area the grid applies to, version of the grid...) 


We have developped our Anaplan model to replace Excel files. Our expectation was to accelerate our current business process. The consequence of not being able to control the position of our new elements inserted in our grids is that we still need to use Excel in our process, finalize our grids in Excel, and then recopy these grids in Anaplan, once we are sure all elements are at the right position. The "recopy" takes about 8 hours per case, as many quality and consistency checks are required to ensure the grid in Anaplan exactly matches the Excel grid. Indeed, in our business case, grids are part of contracts.

The need to "recopy" delays the 1st step of our business process, impacting all our endusers community (~150) in our company but also in partnering companies, and delaying all the subsequent steps of our business process until our customers, with some legal consequences.


The implementation of our need is critical for our company and business process.

It will allow us:

- using only Anaplan to cover our business process,

- fullfilling all the legal requirements,

- respecting the timelines

- facilitating the adoption of Anaplan by our endusers community

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  • Hi,

    isn't Anaplan working this way already ?

    You select and element > insert and then choose to append after or before or as a child.

  • Hi @nathan_rudman 


    Thanks for pointing this out. However not sure what you are talking about....anychance you can bring a couple screenshots to the conversation ?


    Thank you

  • edit: to be clear, this issue is when you when to add into a subset AND at a selected position, which you can't do at the same time (button will add into subset but not at the right position while edit insert does the contrary)

  • Hi @nathan_rudman we whish it could be that simple ; the problem happens when the list i.s made with subsets, which is the business case here.


  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Status changed to: Not Planned

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