October 13, 2018 Release Discussion


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  • Ok, so what are the updates after all?

  • Hi @KayneSchwarz,


    I understand there should be a release of new functionalities next week....however, the relevant threads seems to be empty.


    Also, I like the fact you added some sort of visibility about upcoming features and this is where I was monitoring them :


    However, there are only a few listed and none seems to ready ? They all appear to be at earliest stage of design and development. 


    I also like the Idea exchange section,but I struggle to see/understand how these threads are all linking together ? Am I missing something ?

    Could you please confirm if the enhancement to the NPV function (on the roadmap?) is likely to be delivered next week/soon (matching the NPV in Excel?)




  • Hi Team,


    could you please share the new release details?


    Thank you

  • The update includes some bug fixes, these will be listed in the official release notes on release. It also includes early access updates to support workflow and some early access improvements we are working on around improving filtering.

  • @Kavadera@Alessio_Pagliano, & @nikita_gnilozub,

    Further clarification around the Early Access updates have been added to the Coming Soon: October 13, 2018 post.

    Also, the Upcoming Features page is up-to-date, so please check back there for a preview of features planned for the platform and the development status of each.

    Finally, the Idea Exchange is the perfect place for you to share your ideas and suggestions for the Anaplan platform directly with the Anaplan team. When ideas are accepted and moved to the Anaplan platform roadmap they may appear on the Upcoming Features page as they are developed. Be sure to check out the Introducing the Idea Exchange blog for further details.

    Thank you for the great questions!

  • @KayneSchwarz, thanks, you notified us. Still I believe, this is very confusing, since the mailing has been a long time ago when the details were not available, and now in fact only three of us did receive the comprehensive notification what the nearest update will be about.


    Neither Upcoming Features page nor Idea Exchange never proide any evaluatable terms.

  • Hi @KayneSchwarz,


    thank you for sharing a little bit more detailed update but I believe it would be great to see the list of fixes in advance as it was done a few months back. Now we are in the dark until the actual release.


    Also in the details, it is not clear what EA features are going to be released.


    Thank you


  • Hi @nikita_gnilozub,

    Thank you for the feedback on the bug fixes. We'll take that into consideration for future releases.

    As stated in the updated Coming Soon: October 13, 2018 notes, we will share the details of the EA features with the specific customers that will receive these updates. 

    Though you may not be receiving these updates, we still wanted to share with all Anaplan users a general overview of the updates we're making this weekend and our reasons for the maintenance window.

    Thank you for checking in!