Ability to insert "white space" rows in modules/dashboards


As a model builder, I would like to have the ability to insert a "No Data" row, or something similar, that does not require a Line Item name. 


I would know that I am successful when I could insert rows into a module (e.g. P&L) to break up the data and provide viewing cues as to seperation between data groupings (e.g. line items under Operating Expenses).


The challenge today is that without the "white space" rows, a detailed P&L can look like a list of Line Items and not something that is formatted for executive level consumption/presentation.

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  • That would be very useful and avoid some change management issues when executives don't want to change from specific format / template for their analysis. In some cases, we have to find workarounds, or even the users export the data out of Anaplan for formatting purpose only

  • Hi Teduback
    you can name your line item "⠀" it will appear blank in your module
    Just copy paste the character between the quotes

  • I've been looking for that blank text character for months! I used it at my last company but couldn't find it again after I switched companies a few months ago. Thank you for providing it!!

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • We temporarily use the code in these quotes "⠀". It appears blank in here, but it is an ANSI code that appears blank in Anaplan. For more than 1 line item in the same module, we just paste it in more than once.

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