Ability to embed models, charts, graphs, forms, etc. outside of Anaplan


I would like to be able to embed models, charts, graphs, forms, etc. outside of Anaplan into emails, web pages, documents so that they are updated real-time.  Some examples of use cases: 

  • Email a report that's updated regularly.  When the viewer looks at the report, it shows real time data
  • Embed a form on a web page to collect information for my model 
  • Share benchmarkeitng data via a graph that updates real-time on a website as people are entering their data. 


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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • This is an area we would consider in the long term. If this is a direction the customers would like us to head in, it would be very helpful to have more example of the types of external systems customers would like to Embed Anaplan in.

  • HI @Rebecca ,


    I am new to Anaplan, may i know whether the Embed function is arleady implemented in Anaplan? 

    Appreciate it a lot.



  • EliR

    @Rebecca - some other uses:

    • Embed anaplan reports in tableau dashboards, so we don't have to re-create them from scratch
    • Easy links/embed with dynamic url parameters for filtering.  For example, send the same email to all sales leaders, but have a url parameter in the embedded report that has email=<email> that the email sending software populates, so when the sales leader clicks the link, its pre-filtered for their team
    • Embedding in salesforce - i.e. show a customers Revenue & Forecast on the salesforce account page
  • @Rebecca , Do you know if there is any update/information regarding this topic?
    Use cases mentioned by @EliR is valid and we also have similar use cases. Looking forward to get solution/workaround to get this done. 


  • Any update on having Anaplan reports to be embedded in external tools and vice versa, we want to be able to take Power BI reports and embed them in Anaplan? @Rebecca please share any update. Thank you

  • We would also like to be able to do this. Currently we have to rebuild Anaplan reports in a different (and sub-standard for financial statement style reports) BI tool if we want to post them in our organization's main reporting depository.

  • @Rebecca, hello - Any update on this request? I see it was marked "In Review" back in 2019. 😀

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