Dynamically filtering line items based on version selected on the page selector

We are looking to filter the line items shown on the dashboard as per each version that is selected by the user. We have built a model for P&L Target Setting wherein different stages of the process are included as versions. There are different line items which are relevant for the various versions according to the process stage we are on. So, what is happening currently is we are having to build different sets of dashboards for all these different versions.

I was wondering whether there was a way to filter the line items displayed on the dashboard according to the each selected version.



  • Thanks @DavidSmith for such a detailed explanation. This really helped us!

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the above suggestions, it works fine but does this take care of a 'Text' formatted line item as well? because while trying this,I could not choose
    (a 'text' formatted line item ,its disabled)in the Subset view.
  • Hi @MadhabikaM


    You can only choose Number formatted line items in a Line Item subset. So this solution does not work for text-formatted line items.



  • Thanks for your Quick response Saurabh.
    So I am trying here to filter few line item based on version selected, so is there any way to do this?
    I don't want this text formatted line item to be considered but this needs to be viewed in the dashboard, and this process above is stopping me to do so.
  • The only way is to have the text line items in another grid (below or to the side), that is shown all of the time regardless of the filtering