Right-click to Add / Delete line items in a module


Excel's handling of adding  / removing rows is very natural feeling.  Sure you can go into the ribbon bar and find the button, but that's much slower and breaks one's workflow more easily than simply right-clicking on a row and selecting "Insert" or "Delete" 


In Anaplan, adding / removing a line item item are ONLY available on a module when in blueprint mode, and are only available in the header bar. I find using this to be very unintuitive, and I honestly couldn't count how many times I've right clicked on a line item (in blue print or not) expecting to find one of these functions.  


Please add both of these functions to the right-click menu of a line item.  Here's an image of what this might look like:

Insert & Remove Line Items Menu.png

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • DavidE

    I'm curious if this status changed at all? Is something like this a big deal to implement?  

    These types of workflow improvements seem like easy wins all around (in my opinion anyway)

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