Limit user entry for Dependent formatted line item


Currently if you format a line item as a Dependent list, the user gets a dropdown of list items that correspond to dependent criteria, same applies if they are typing the value. However it is possible to copy a name of a list item that is in the list (but does not suit dependent criteria) and paste it without getting an error.


Example - module has an input field City, dependent on Country line item. If the country is Germany they will not be able to select Paris in drop-down or type it, but they will be able to paste it into the input field.


A workaround is to use a subset as line item format, however we believe that user should get an error message when pasting a wrong list item in the dependent formatted line item.

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  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Please make this an optional setting, as I use the fact that you can paste in another value that isn't in the dependent dropdown to reduce the load time for the dropdown to the most commonly used items. I have a grid available for users to search if they need to add an item outside of their usual list. It also helps reduce selection errors if the same name is used under different dependencies - several states have a "Springfield", for example, and going back in a month later when someone figures out they selected the "wrong" Springfield is never fun.

  • Not sure if this is the same request, but as I understand it, a user can not copy & paste a row that contains items that are from a numberd list. The copy function captures the display text, but not the underlying item code, and this causes an error when pasted into a new row. 

    If Anaplan could add native copy/past function that respected the numberd list items, this would solve the problem.

  • @joleary  Agreed! That would be useful (and a separate request from the original post).


    On the other hand, I see why copying the display text is the default behavior - it's what the average user expects, especially when pasting into another application. Perhaps an additional enhancement might be a "paste options" list, like Excel has, where you can choose to paste the value (display text), the code, or the item number within Anaplan, and just the display text outside of it.


    My specific use case (mentioned above) uses a numbered list; however, the copy/paste uses the code, precisely because of the paste behavior. (Try explaining that to your users! "Yes, please copy this 25-character random sequence instead of the name right next to it that is what you searched for." The line item is even named "Copy This", and it still caused confusion for a while.) You are correct in that numbered lists don't work with copy/paste of their display text UNLESS the display text also happens to be unique in the list.


  • I agree, this needs to be an optional function. We just completed the first phase of our budget cycle and realized that $4M was budgeted in the wrong location due to users being able to copy/paste any account into our dependent drop-down restricted cells. It's also a cumbersome process to identify which cells violated the dependent drop-down restrictions from a data validation standpoint, so simply making it impossible to paste a value that doesn't meet the dependency requirements would be a huge help in Anaplan.

  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Can we revisit this option in the New UX?  Seems like it would be helpful to allow a setting to enforce dependent drop down validation, even with copy paste.

  • We d have something similar request there.

    I am unsure why it went through not planned without any indication why the idea would be dropped ?

    Status resets maybe ?

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