How we can concatenate two number line items?


I have got two number line items as shown below.

LineItem1 , LineItem2 , Result

     1                  2            1(2)

     3                  4             3(4)

     7                  10           7(10)


I want to get the result as shown above for the two line items.

Ideally i need a concatinated value.

Could you please assist me in achieving the same in Anaplan.



  • HI Annes,


    You can do the concatenation to numbered line items by putting text(). Change the resulting line item to text format and apply the below formula as per your need.


     Hope this would be helpful.


    Thanks and Regards, 


  • Hi,


    you can do:

    text(line item 1) & "(" & text(line item 2) & ")"