Open dashboard with specific selection but prevent further refresh across tabs


To open dashboards based on specific saved selections and/or based on the selection in place from the calling dashboard and have the option of preventing further refresh outside of the current dashboard while working with multiple dashboards open.


An example of the enhancement:

Starting point/Landing Dashboard

  • The user can select a specific Investment from the module (right hand side). This module is dimensioned by a list called “F2 Investments”
  • The user can then select the Revenue Calculation applied to the selected Investment using 3 different subsets published on the dashboard (Flat Calculation, Non-Cumulative Calculation, Cumulative Calculation)
  • The user can then open the required dashboard using the button (Revenue Input Dashboard). This is a context based button which is opening one of the 3 different type of dashboards that are based on modules dimensioned by the relevant subsets.
  • The dashboard opens correctly with the selected Investment and its content is syncing correctly (coming from different modules) BUT as soon as a different tab is opened the latest Investment selection overwrites the others meaning all the tabs will wrongly default to the same single selection.
  • The requirement is to have multiple tabs opened at the same time and for the user to be able to work with them independently.


Current Alternatives :

Option 1 – Open multiple Anaplan Instances

Not ideal…..but working

Option 2 – Flex the design using the filter functionality

Again, this seems to be working but the visualisation, maintenance, logic is getting very messy, not flexible and requires creating many extra modules, line items, dashboards, views, filters, etc.


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