Worflow to work across Models


Currently we need to select a specific model while building a process in the workflow.


There would be situations where, a process have to go steps in different models to complete the process. For example, we could have a separate model for Cost Centre planning and another model for Profit Centre Planning. So if they want to push the data from the Cost Centre Model to Profit Centre and then review/change, then we need to have a model agnostic workflow.


Generally, thinkign about Connected Planning, a workflow that works across models might be just ideal. As currently we can't link one step in one model to another in another model if there is a dependency for the task.


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  • Completely agree!  This would help many clients who have mutliple models to support a single budget process. Having the capability to develop a workflow process that encompasses multiple models would not only streamline the process but also provide a lot of value to our custumers.

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