Months Spread



I am trying to figure out why my mothly cost will not populate based on the formula I provided. The goal is to show the monthly cost for only a certain time range and for the cost to not populate in the months it doesn't apply to. My issue is the cost will not populate at all.


Attached are screenshots of my formula and the issue.




  • Hi,

    From your first picture the "Blueprint" 

    We can see that "Monthly Cost - Dynamic" had a different time scale if compare to the rest of the line item.

    The time scale in that line is "Month" compare to other line items which is "Not applicable"

    Is it on purpose ?

    Because if the dimension is different, even a simple formula can act different than we expected.

    Is it on purpose or you rather add it later ?

    If you add it later then you should add the time scale to all of the line items including the header.

    if it is on purpose than you should use different approach in the formula.


    Hope this help






  • @jngo

    The dimensionality of the line item is OK

    I cannot see the full blueprint, but as you have Versions as a dimension, I suspect you have switchover turned on for that line and there are no actuals the corresponding.  In a calculation like this consider if you need versions in the applies to (see point 1 below)


    A couple of other points

    1. It would be better to put the line item into a different module (to avoid the subsidiary view).  It will help with the testing, be easier to display on dahsboards, and make it easier to audit at later date.  As part of the DISCO methodology, you should try and group line items with the same "applies to" in a separate module; it's a more logical place to house them

    2. You could calculate the months spread line item with a formula like ROUND((End - Start) / 365 * 12, 0, DOWN) to ensure the amount was spread correctly


    I hope that helps