Change the scale of the axis in a chart


Ability to change the scale of the axis in a chart in order to have a better visibility (like the option in Excel -> Axis options). The attached picture shows very well how the visibility could be improved with this option, e.g. changing the starting point of the vertical axis.

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  • Question:

    In Anaplan we deal with multi-dimensional data. 

    If we allow the manual setting on values, what is the preferred way to handle the case when another list item is selected that has a completely different scale of data?

    e.g. Product A top value is 100, Product B top value is 1000? OR Jan 2019 values average around 600 and Feb 2019 values drop to 200.


    Look forward to hear some opinions from the community.

    Keep the ideas coming!


    Many thanks,

    Cheers, Simon

    Director, Product Mgmt, Anaplan

  • Thanks Simon for your interest. 


    Even if an Anaplan module is a multidimensional database, when a chart is built you need to choose put in the axis only one dimension per axis and focus on a particular "slice" of the cube. 


    Now in Anaplan, the chart scale is calculated automatically and sometimes the lines in the chart cannot be seen clearly becasue the scale is too high. 


    Of course if the chart scale is manually changed and in the chart page is chosen another line item the manually scale could not have sense anymore. 

    For example the scale for "Sales" (which have big amounts) and "Margin%" ( values between 0 to 1)  line items cannot be the same. 


    But what is asked is the possibility to manually change this scale to be eventually lower in some particular cases and let the model builder to choose the values, similar with what can be done in Excel, and let him/her to decide if this manually modification of the scale have sense or not. 🙂


    I think it would be really cool to have this possibility. 




  • Any updates on this? In the New UX, there is no control over chart axes' scaling or ranges - this could be a perfect application. 

  • I would also be interested in the result.

    Is this something that'll happen & when? It's quite common to have either sales & profit in one graph or profit and profit% - both requiring different scaling. It would be very useful!

  • You should be able to change the x-axis labels to show as "Monthly" even when the data is charted on a daily basis. This would help with de-cluttering. Example attached.Capture9.PNG

  • Setting the axis scale is now available in the UX in the chart settings




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