Navigate to next and/or previous line formatted items

As user, I want to have the ability to navigate back and forth through list formatted items with by clicking right/left arrows so I can easily navigate through items during a workflow process instead of having to select items from a drop-down list.
I’ll know when this is successful when there are right and left arrows on either side of a list formatted item and I can click on to navigate to the next and/or previous item in the list. 
Benefit / Impact:
Today, a user can only selected items from a drop-down list. Having a click through navigation option for viewing items could help with user workflow and ease of viewing/navigating list formatted items one at a time vs always having to select an item from a drop down.  
I’ve attached a picture that shows an example from another system that allows users to view Products and Locations, and navigate through them by clicking arrows to the right of left. 
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