Enable filtering for Line Items formatted as subsets


As a user in a dashboard I'd like to be able to filter data also on line items that are formatted as subsets for which I receive the message "Unsupported Operation 'Filter'".


There are situations where for improving performance on big modules for a particular list the calculations can be reduced using a subset based on the main list.

However when data are published in a dashboard with a combination of columns that present line-items that formatted on "main list" and line-items formatted on subsets of the "main list" the user receives the message "Unsupported Operation 'Filter'". 



Do you think it would be possible to open the possibility to make filters based also on line-items formatted with a substet ?




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  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Would it be feasible (as an alternative) to add a line item that is Boolean-formatted and set to TRUE if the list item is a member of the subset and FALSE if it isn't, and then use that to filter on?

  • Hi, 

    Of course if it is used a line-item formatted on the initial list and make reference to a line-item of the subset the filter will work, but this would not follow one of the scope of using the subset: having less cells in the module. 🙂


  • Quite true, and an excellent point!

  • Status changed to: Not Planned

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