Anaplan to Tableau connection

Hello Everyone, I am trying to use Anaplan to view my data in tables but not lucky. Is there any way to obtain the data from Anaplan and see them in Tableau? Already tried a lot but no luck. Please guide

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  • Hi @jamesbook,


    When you select Anaplan as your source in Tableau, you will enter either your Anaplan username and password, or upload your certificate to authenticate. Once connected, you will select the workspace and model you wish to connect to. Please note that the export filetype must be CSV for Tableau to detect and extract from Anaplan.



  • Hi @jesse_wilson @jamesbook @rob_marshall 


    Has anyone taken the Tableau connector further, in term of setting up service account to schedule data source extract in Tableau. Any issues you had came across the using the service account. On another note I also found sometime the Tableau Anaplan connector not refreshing exact data in the export view. 

  • @Asslam ,


    I have not done that, but if you do, I would make sure the service account has full access to the model (be careful about selective access).  Also, please make sure the view (not the module) is used for the export process and does not have any parent information (only exporting base member or detailed data).


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  • Thanks @rob_marshall , Hope to share my experience how we go about setting service account to manage the data source extract/scheduling.